Hypnotherapy can help with anything that is affected by the mind. If you are not sure if your issue can be helped with hypnotherapy, send Tatia Orenczak Hypnotherapy an email or give them a call at

(904) 288-1161

Examples of how Tatia Orenczak Hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Stress and Anxious Feelings
  • Weight Loss
  • Test Anxiety/Study Skills
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Stop Smoking
  • Improve behaviors
  • Stop unwanted habits
  • Retrieve memories (find lost objects, recall an event)
  • Improve spiritual life (all beliefs honored)
  • Enhance meditation practice
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve self esteem
  • Pain Management
  • Speed healing from surgery
  • Enhance healing the body
  • Anti-Aging
  • Fear if public speaking
  • Any fears
  • Explore past lives
  • Mend from past traumas

Types of Sessions

gearbrainProgramming for Change

In this session the client and hypnotherapist create a set of powerful beliefs to wind into the clients deep inner mind to cause them to easily and automatically reach their goals.

holiday_decisions_weight_lossResolving Inner Conflict

Inner conflict goes something like this, I know I don’t need to eat ALL of this, but I sure WANT to eat it all it tastes SO good.” Unifying inner purpose helps catapult you to your goals!

supergirlUncovering Root Cause 

This session directs the inner mind to the point in time that it adopted a limiting belief. This is where powerful tools are used to transform this old belief to the truth of who you really are!

painmgmtPain Management 

With a referral from their physician the client can train their mind to turn down/off any pain levels in their bodies at will. The least invasive way to reduce pain and speed healing!

LoveAnswerExplore Past Lives 

Do you have the sense that you lived a different life before this one? In this session I guide the client to the past life memory most related to their concern. Much can be gained from this process.