Client Reviews

Wondering if hypnosis works? It does! Tatia is not only a hypnotherapist, she is an artist. I’ve seen her a couple of times for various phobias. I’ve gone from thinking resolution was impossible, to understanding myself better and gratefully on the way to achieving my goals. Listening to the session recording is an added bonus. Thank you Tatia…you are a true professional!*Charlene Bryson
Tatia is awesome!!! I have been challenged in my life lately, and with her help I have started on the journey of unlocking some of the memories which I know are my cause for physical pain. She makes you feel at ease and comfortable. Prior to my challenges, I was open to hypnotherapy but was unsure that it would work. After talking with Tatia and with her reassurance, I am definitely a believer. Modern medicine isn’t always the single answer. While my work is not complete yet, I know I can achieve a pain-free life, and now I have the tools and capability to deal with things in the future from what Tatia has taught me. My advice would be if you have considered it, give it a try because it is not magic, it will show you that your mind can overcome.*Kristi Burchfield
The best in Jacksonville! I was so comfortable and relaxed about the process before we even started! She is definitely my “go to” for all my hypnotherapy needs. A+!!*Raye Carr
Tatia has the best knack for helping you feel at ease and comfortable as you start your session. I felt completely accepted and had such a sense of clarity that followed. Thanks Tatia!*Jennifer Browder
I have known Tatia personally and professionally for more than 10 years. She left the corporate world intentionally, with a heart to start her own business and help people. She truly is meant to do this job, and I know she has made a difference when I have come to her with anxiety issues. Her answers and insights into life have a real impact. I would recommend her services to any of my friends or family.*Suzanne Speight
What a great and powerful session! I’m excited to tell others how much more motivated I am now to reach my goal, especially since I’m already seeing results in just one short week. She was caring, patient, and knew exactly what I needed! I’m looking forward to future sessions!*Raye Carr, CCHt
It was such a wonderful experience with Tatia. I had been hypnotized many years ago on my honeymoon in a entertainment setting, so I knew it worked. I was having a lot of stress and panic attacks, so I found Tatia was not far and was recommended by my therapist to try it. Well, she was wonderful and made me very comfortable and at ease. I am feeling so much better thanks to our session.*Rich Kvies
My first hypnotherapy session was with Tatia, and I will be returning very soon. I have had noticeable results with my personalized mp4 in only a few weeks. She even called and checked on me after a week or so. If you are looking for someone who really cares, then give her a call.*R.P.

*Results may vary from person to person.